A sound and good indoor climate is important for us to function optimally in daily life. If the indoor climate is poor, there is a risk of developing serious diseases related to the respiratory system.

According to the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association more than 1,4 million Norwegians suffer from diseases related to the respiratory system, many of these caused by poor indoor climate.

New houses are beeing built tight and with good insulation to prevent heat loss and to save energy. At the same time, the building regulations sets demand on ventilation in the building. The target is an energy efficient building with a good indoor climate. To secure a good indoor climate, it is necessary with energy efficient ventilation solutions supplying clean and fresh air, extracting used, contaminated air and recovers the heat. Demands on energy usage will be stricter in the coming years and in a few years, new buildings will produce as much energy as they use.


Advantages with balanced ventilation

  • Expells contaminated and humid air
  • Supplies clean, filtered and tempered air to the building
  • Provides good comfort with silent and draught free ventilation
  • Energy saving, recovers normally more than 80% of the heat in the ventilated air.*
  • Developed for operation in cold Nordic climate conditions

Why ventilate:
Main reason to ventilate is to supply clean and fresh air, extract moisture, smell and radon, and to extract indoor air contaminated by people, animal, activities in the building and material. The indoor air should be felt as fresh and pleasant and not contributing to health problems. Good ventilation secures a building without damages from moisture, resulting in mold or other unpleasant conditions like condensation on windows. It’s important to realise that the supplied air is nearly always cleaner than the indoor air. In city areas with high degree of pollution, the filter in the air handling unit will prevent particles of a.o. sulphur to enter and secures supply of only fresh air.

The ventilation should make it possible for everyone to live in a healthy indoor environment by preventing:

  • Allergenic pollen and dust pollution
  • Costly damp, mold and mildew contamination
  • Harmful airborne dust and polluted air
  • Carcinoginic radon contamination
  • Cold draughts and energy loss

When investing in a ventilation system, make sure you buy a system which secures an optimal indoor climate, just like a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery from Flexit.