Domestic users in Flexit Export markets (all markets except Norway and Sweden) are advised to report claims through the respective
Distributor in respective market where the Flexit product was purchased. Find a distributor near you >>

Flexit standard warranty conditions >>

Trouble shooting can be assisted by personnel from Flexit Technical Service department by calling: +47 69 81 00 40
Working hours Monday – Friday 08:00-16:00
The call option shall be used by respective Distributor or service technician, not domestic users.

Before reporting a claim, following information must be available to enable handling by Flexit:
- Contact details, name – telephone – email
- Flexit product model description
- Product serial number and/or sales order number
- Photos of the product and/or product label if possible
- Detailed description of the failure/malfunction experienced

The claim shall preferably be sent to Flexit by filling out following web form >>

After investigation and conclusion by Flexit Technical Service personnel, the respective technician will decide on a case by case basis
if Flexit wants the product or component in return to Flexit for further investigation. Instructions will be given to pack the product/component
and make it available for pickup by Flexit appointed forwarder.
Agreement shall also me made if replacement goods shall be supplied with next regular delivery of Flexit products or separately as soon as possible.