Photo: The Fjaell family

The Fjaell family has built a new nice single-storey house in the west parts of Sweden not far away from Flexit factory. Robin lives in the house with his wife Helena, daughter Michelle and their cat Chris.

Before moving to current place in early April 2020, they lived for seven years in a newly built house of 138 m2 in Gothenburg, with an exhaust air heat pump.
- The energy consumption in that house was quite low, but the supply air was supplied in via fresh air valves on the walls and the consumed air was extracted out via the exhaust air heat pump. This caused it to get cold around the valves during the cold season. Then disturbing noises was also heard from outside and a lot of dust particles came in through the fresh air valves.

What was important for us when we would choose air handling- and heating systems for the new house we would build, was to avoid cold draft and disturbing sounds and have a well-balanced indoor climate with filtered air, says Robin.

Robin received information about Flexit's climate heat pump EcoNordic WH4 and thought that this seemed like a good alternative.
- Much cheaper than having to drill for ground source heat pump, and pull a lot of hoses etc. With EcoNordic you have everything in one unit inside the house - heating, hot water and balanced ventilation. Then EcoNordic has environmentally friendly refrigerant, CO2, which also feels good, Robin continues.

The house that the family built is a single storey villa of 235 m2, as well as a garage of 45 m2.


Photo: Having everything gathered in one place is practical, and that expansion vessels, water connections, plumbing etc. can be hidden in the built-in installation module is an advantage as this provides a nice and compact installation. Then it is easy to access all components from the front.

The contractor used Flexit's design service, and Robin says:
- We got good and clear 3D drawings that our contractor could easily follow during the installation. All parts were well packed, orderly and tidy, and the installation instructions were clear. The installation process went well, and the fact that the climate heat pump is modular simplified the transport into the house and the weight was split and the product was easy to assemble.

In connection with the climate heat pump, a Flexit CVR 3000 central vacuum cleaner has also been installed.
- Installing a central vacuum cleaner in the new house was an obvious choice as we had it from another brand in our previous house. With a central vacuum cleaner you get rid of all dust, even the small particles that circulates in the air with an ordinary vacuum cleaner, says Robin. 
- What we were positively surprised by was that Flexit's central vacuum cleaner was much quieter than the previous one we had. You can be in the garage and stuff when someone vacuums inside the house without wearing hearing protection. And the handle with wireless operation of e.g. speed has a long range, Robin continues.



Photo: The climate heat pump was placed in the garage (which needs to be warmed up), but the 45 m2 garage is not covered by the balanced ventilation system. Garage ventilation is provided by a  Flexit Pro7 extract air fan and fresh air valve for supply air.
Photo: The climate heat pump was placed in the garage (which needs to be warmed up), but the 45 m2 garage is not covered by the balanced ventilation system. Garage ventilation is provided by a Flexit Pro7 extract air fan and fresh air valve for supply air.



Photo: The Fjaell family in their outdoor livingroom
Photo: The Fjaell family in their outdoor livingroom

What are the benefits of the indoor climate in your new house? 
- The climate is pleasant, the house is dense and we avoid cold drafts, yet there is never trapped air. That is the advantage of balanced ventilation that you feel that there is always fresh air in the whole house. It is a very quiet system, the hot water supply is good and the energy consumption is low, says Robin.

- During the summer of 2020 it was almost 30 degrees hot outside in periods. Then I activated the free/night cooling function in the ventilation module. Our new house is well insulated and it does not emit any heat. Therefore it must be cooled down when possible during the evening, night and early morning when it is cooler outside. 
The advantage of free/night cooling is that you get cool outdoor air directly, without heat exchange, and that makes the air inside the home cooler, says Robin. 
Cooling recovery is a standard feature of EcoNordic.

A number of wireless accessories have also been installed in the house. The pressure switch for the kitchen hood regulates so that the supply air is increased during cooking which means that the kitchen hood fan works better and food smell is removed efficiently. The humidity sensors in the bathroom and laundry room regulates extraction of moist air, for example when showering or running a washing machine and dryer. There are also two wood-burning stoves in the house, and in the Flexit GO app you activate "Fireplace" function to regulate the supply air in the house to easier light the fire.

How do you experience the control via the Flexit GO app?
- It is easy to use, and there are some presets, such as "Away" and "Home". But I like technology, and have been inside and fine-tuned a bit for a perfect indoor climate, says Robin. You can adjust the temperature in the home, even if you are away, and the app gives an alarm if something is wrong. When you are connected to the Cloud solution, there is also the possibility of remote service. It has been great now in the start-up and I have received fast and good support, Robin continues.

Would you recommend the product to your friends and what arguments would you give them?
- Definitely, our EcoNordic works great and is easy to control with the Flexit GO app. If you are building a new house, it is a great advantage with balanced ventilation because new houses are so tight. You get clean and fresh filtered air and avoid big problems, both for the house and the health of those who lives there. You have a good indoor climate all year round - without getting cold when it is cold outside, and with the possibility of free / night cooling when it is hot outside. A quiet all-in-one system, not a mix of different products that has difficulty communicating with other parts of the system. And it can be built on with different accessories to easily adapt the ventilation to different homes as needed.