1. Introduction
Use of the Flexit GO app is regulated by these terms. 

In order to use Flexit GO, you must consent to these terms. We ask you to read the terms and the privacy declaration.

The terms and privacy declaration may be updated from time to time, because the functionality may be altered or extended, or by amendments to legislation or regulations. You will be notified if this requires renewed consent. The current version of the terms and conditions and the privacy declaration can be found at any time through links on Google Play and App Store, and directly at www.flexit.com/privacy_statement.


2. Functionality 
Flexit GO enables you to manage and control Flexit Nordic and EcoNordic (the product), both locally and remotely. 

As the user, you can among other things see whether there are alarm signals or maintenance messages, and regulate the desired temperature or select ventilation settings.

Installation and service technicians can configure the product for accessories, make adjustments to fans and temperatures using a guide, and on EcoNordic they can run a start-up guide. 

Details of functionality and operation can be found in the user manuals supplied with the product, which are also accessible at www.flexit.com. If there are discrepancies between the information about the product here and in the user manuals, the user manuals take priority.


3. Your responsibility
The username and password identify you as the user of Flexit GO. You should use a password which is not easily guessed by others (e.g. do not use your name, birthday, make of car or the like), and do not tell others your password.

If you suspect that someone else has discovered the password, it must be changed immediately.

Use of Flexit GO is free apart from the normal subscriptions to your telephony/Internet provider, fore which you are responsible.


4. Rights
Copyrights, other rights and the content in Flexit GO belong to Flexit or its subcontractors, and are protected by the rules of intellectual property law and marketing law.

All commercial utilisation of these rights is prohibited except by prior written agreement with Flexit. This applies to copying, transmission and sale of information, images, graphic elements, program codes and technical solutions. You are not entitled to attempt to circumvent any safety measures or system.

Violation of this may result in liability for damages and criminal liability.


5. Privacy statement

5.1 Installation

When the product is installed, the following data are registered by Flexit:

• Date of installation

• The GPS position of the product

• The ID/activation code (QR code) for the product

• The configuration options selected for the product (the options chosen for functionality during installation)


5.2 User choices

You can use Flexit GO in two different ways:

On a local network:

You can use Flexit GO locally if the app and the product are connected to the same local network. If you use them in this way, you do not share usage data with Flexit. The product can only be operated where the Flexit GO app has access to the local network.

Cloud access – Internet

You can register the product for access via the cloud, and be able to make use of Flexit GO to control the product, regardless of where you are, provided that both the Flexit GO app and the product have Internet access. If you have registered the product for cloud access, it will subsequently store and share usage data with Flexit.


5.3 Data categories and purposes

Here is an overview of the data and personal information processed by Flexit:

Account details:

• Username (the e-mail address given) and password, which can also be stored locally in the app

Product and usage information:

• Date when the app was installed and connected for cloud access

• The GPS position of the product

• The address of the product if the user chooses to register it

• The ID/activation code (QR code) for the product

• Data and parameters to control and manage settings:

         • Which operation mode the product is currently in and record of which have been used.

         • Values from various types of sensor in the product, e.g. temperature sensors

         • Settings made by the installer and user to adapt the product to the specific home, e.g. air volume and air temperature

         • Settings which affect the product's performance

         • Time settings (day and hour) for when the product will change automatically between different operating modes based on the user's own choices


Flexit processes this data for the following purposes:

• So that the user can connect the product to the app and control the product remotely

• So that the user can see the data history

• So that Flexit can provide support from a distance

• In order to analyse how the product reacts

• In order to develop the product further

• To be able to deal with complaints and guarantee cases


5.4 Storage and deletion

Items of data are stored from the time when the product is registered for cloud access. Data items mean all data and parameters listed in section 5.3, Data and parameters to control and manage settings.

A log of to 20,000 previous values is stored for each data item.

The period of the history depends on how often the data item is changed. For example, for a value which changes around 50 times a day, the history will go back about a year.

In addition, up to 2000 commands (changes made by the user) are stored in a log of values.

After this, the details are deleted in a secure and responsible manner, unless they are anonymised, or there is some other reason for storing the information for a longer time. Flexit does not use personal data for decisions based exclusively on automated actions.


5.5 Data transfer

In general, the data processed by Flexit come from you or other users with access to the app or the product, and the data are not passed on to others. Some data comes from us, however, and we may also exchange data with companies engaged by Flexit to assist with installation, service and provision of IT services. These companies process the data on our behalf to the limited extent that is necessary to provide assistance and according to signed data processor contracts. Your data will not otherwise be passed on to others unless you have given your consent, or unless Flexit is legally obliged to pass on the data, or the data are anonymised.

Your data are processed and stored inside the EU/EEA region, and according to Norwegian privacy legislation.

5.6 Additional information

The legal basis for processing your personal data is your consent. You may at any time require the processing of your personal data to be limited, or withdraw your consent. However, this limits Flexit’s ability to provide functionality, which will not normally be regarded as breach of contract. If you withdraw your consent, it will not affect the legality of data processing which was based on consent before it was withdrawn.

You are entitled to a copy of your personal data, and to require correction or deletion of your data. When you have given personal data to Flexit which has been electronically processed, you are entitled either to receive it directly, or to have it transferred to another supplier or data processor (portability of data). Unless you ask for another format, the data will normally be sent in an e-mail in a normal electronic format. You are entitled to complain to the Data Protection Authority.


6. Notice and termination

You can at any time terminate use of Flexit GO. You can also withdraw your consent by contacting Flexit’s customer service. If you move to a new location and transfer ownership, you should inform the new owner about Flexit GO.

Flexit may terminate access to Flexit GO at 90 days’ notice, if Flexit will no longer provide Flexit GO, or makes essential changes to the app. Flexit may also discontinue or limit your access to Flexit GO with immediate effect if you breach these terms and conditions.


7. Limitation of liability

Flexit GO will normally be accessible and function without fault or defect, according to the description in these terms and conditions and the user manual for the product, provided there is network access. Flexit GO or part of its functionality may be inaccessible from time to time, however, e.g. because of maintenance.

Flexit will endeavour to ensure that Flexit GO is free of viruses and other threats to security, but cannot guarantee this. You are responsible for using and maintaining an anti-virus program and other security measures, and for making backup copies of your data.

If you receive an error message or discover an error yourself, you are asked to notify Flexit of the error. Flexit is not liable for any direct or indirect loss suffered by you or any other if use of Flexit GO cannot be continued as expected.

Should there be defects in the product, or if Flexit does not fulfil its obligations under the contract, please refer to the signed contract and the applicable terms and conditions, which also set out rights and time limits for claims.

Flexit’s liability for Flexit GO can not in any circumstances exceed our liability according to the signed contract and the contractual terms for the product.


8. Contact information etc.

The supplier and data controller under the Personal Data Act is Flexit AS, org. no. 926398806 VAT Tel.: +47 6981 0000. Business address/Street Address: Televeien 15, 1870 Ørje, Norway. Email: kundeservice@flexit.com.

Information about Flexit’s products and services can be found at www.flexit.com.


9. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions and privacy policy shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with Norwegian law.

Any disputes which cannot be settled amicably between the parties shall be settled in the ordinary courts. Flexit’s local court shall be appointed as the venue.