What are cookies?
Cookies are small temporary files which are stored on your device when you visit a website (and make use of it). Cookie files will be deleted automatically after a certain period or when the website is closed, but this can be administered if desired. Cookies contain information such as your settings or profile information for a website.

Processing and use of cookies
We collect data automatically and store it in log files on our servers. The data we collect is used to analyse trends, so that we can optimise the website according to your interests and preferences.

Cookies remember, for instance if you have previously visited the website, whether you are logged in, and which language you want to be shown on the website. We also use cookies to tailor our advertising to you on other websites. Overall, cookies are used as part of our solution to show content which is as relevant as possible for you.

How Flexit uses cookies
Here is an overview of cookies used on the website, and our business partners in that connection:







Se till att webbplatsen ska fungera optimalt. Det lagras inga uppgifter om användaren.




Denna cookie används av ASP.NET och innehåller ett unikt ID för att hjälpa oss att hantera anonyma användare. Cookien innehåller inga personuppgifter.




Används av Google för att övervaka användning av kartlösning på våra webbsidor.


Google tag manager


Google Tag Manager använder cookies för styrning och implementering av skript. Till exempel hanterar de Google Analytics skript genom Google Tag Manager.


By making use of Flexit.com you consent to allowing us to place cookies in your browser.

You can choose to alter the settings in your browser, so that cookies are not accepted. However, if you do so, you should note that there will be many functions and services which you are unable to use, because these functions and services are based on the assumption that the website can remember the choices you make.

Remember that if you use more than one browser, you have to delete and change the settings for cookies in each browser separately.

Products from Flexit AS
Products and services from Flexit AS have separate cookie policies.

Flexit AS reserves the right to change these policies in accordance with Norwegian law, without further notice.