Already 1974 we started our work supplying clean and fresh air for a healthy indoor climate. As a leading supplier, producer and developer of air handling units and central vacuum cleaner we have come a long way. We are however constantly striving for an even healthier future.

Big growth
Flexit develops, produces and markets energy efficient products, services and solutions for clean and fresh air in residential and commercial buildings. Marketing and sales is towards House manufacturers, DIY stores and HVAC professionals. Flexit’s primary market is the Nordics and the product solutions are specially developed for Nordic cold climate conditions. With over 45 years experience Flexit is the Norwegian market leader within residential ventilation and central vacuum cleaners. The market areas are mainly within Northern Europe. Flexit has ambitions for further growth with development of new products and markets.

The human factor!
It’s the people behind the products, services and brand which makes Flexit to what it is today. We treat this seriously and strive to attract and keep competent coworkers. We shall treat eachother with respect in the same way as we do with our customers. The awarness among consumers for the importance of clean and fresh indoor air is growing strongly.
We therefore forsee a continued increased demand for our product solutions.

Our core values
Our core values is what makes Flexit to what it is. They guide our daily work and motivate good work performance.

Sustainability and public health
Flexit has a great responsibility as a supplier of indoor climate solutions. We want to be involved and contribute to the green shift. We place high demands on ourselves every day and work continuously with measures to develop sustainable solutions, efficient processes and energy-efficient products.

The homes and commercial properties of the future will use less energy for heating. Flexit's goal is to contribute to this, but that should not be at the expense of a good indoor climate. A good indoor climate prevents diseases and contributes to a good health and well-being.


Photo: Finn Martinsen
Photo: Finn Martinsen

In the summer of 1974, Finn (47) established the ventilation company Finn Martinsen AS. It all started in small rented premises at Örje in Östfold, Norway together with his wife Anne-Mari.

The one-man company has changed its name to Flexit and is today owned by his son Pål Martinsen, who is the chairman of the board. The family carries on the engagement inherited from Finn where the core values trustworthy, energetic, innovative and considerate are at the centre point. 

Flexit is today based in modern premises in Örje, Norway and in a new factory in Töcksfors, Sweden.
The Flexit group has today 260 employees and had a turnover in 2019 of 600 million NOK (approx. 62 million EUR).

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